This is a very special picture captured just when I entered this not so enticing room, which was going to be my work place for 2 years. Well, the dull walls will grab your attention at first. But when you start to look closely at the little humans, you will be attracted towards some curious eyes. You will be drawn to some not so interested, some straight out of bed, some ‘I cannot give two hoots’, some sneaky eyes. These eyes are the real reason why I was able to hold on to this place for the longest time.

I work as a fellow at Teach For India with elementary kids in a really low-income community in Kandivili West Mumbai. As a teacher I embarked on a journey with these beautiful souls who gave me the opportunity of personal transformation. I have decided to share some stories that I came across in this very enriching place. I believe that where we come from, must not affect what we can be. Thus, I aspire to provide opportunities to disadvantaged kids so that they stand a chance to compete in this world as equals. I have learnt the art of making ends meet and hence through this blog I want everyone who are keen on helping kids, get a platform to extend help.IMG_6173Our mission “One day all children will attain excellent education” seems far-fetched if only NGO’s or I decide to do it alone. Hence here’s an opportunity for you to give in your bit in any capacity that you can commit to. Now if you are thinking, “Oh well, I give money to XYZ NGO every month and that’s my bit” you are doing a great job. The impact is being felt. But the real job, which is to get to the grass root level, getting your hands dirty is much more satisfying and personally rewarding. Here’s a question to think about – Who do these kids look upto for inspiration? The answer is – A Teacher. This leads me to tell you about the bigger ‘Why’. Because, we need people who are self driven, feel for kids and believe in contributing towards a needy kid’s potential. So come, join us, bring your enthusiasm in teaching these kids. Make a difference by touching other people’s lives.

HOW exactly can you contribute?

  1. Decide what extra curricular activity you can teach the kids. Scale your hours of commitment.
  2. Register details on the Panda Warriors page or send a message directly to the page about your willingness to commit or recommending a friend. And we will get back to you.
  3. Or directly contact the owners of the page on FB.

Next week I will be back with another blog on how Football not only made some kids attend school regularly but also developed their love for English.

PS: They are waiting for you.



29 thoughts on “First blog post – My Young Guns

  1. Excellent, Keep it up. Very inspiring and dedicated achievement. Would love to participate in this endeavour of teaching underprivileged kids .

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