News! News! – there are just 29 more days for Summer holidays to end. Which means hopefully you are done holidaying and its time to register kids into hobby classes that could upgrade their skills. Or just cherish the moments of having them around for some more time until school resumes. My mother always put me into Dance, Art, Kumon classes during summer. I wish she had put me into Netball, Muay Thai, Hiking classes. Atleast I wouldn’t have had to perform by request or by compulsion in front of the guests who visited my home. But kids say they have better options over playing till one drops – under the scorching sun. They have their bets on window shopping in malls, fancy ipad games, Fifa, Call of Duty and so on.

Why have I laid such remarks? It is because as adults we exhaust our creativity and often get stuck at what else can be done. How can we choose time selectively for the kids to be more productive. But what if I tell you that the basic idea of exposing kids to activities is not plainly to learn a particular hobby. What if it were about just opening up to the Art of Learning? Think about what does your child need? Maybe the need is to master the Path of Excellence, which can be achieved only through continuous learning. Once your kid starts to enjoy the process of learning is when he will be able to map his own path and create opportunities of growth for himself. You will reckon that your child will tell you exactly what he wants to learn. And maybe he will have a plan sorted for you to just execute.

My kids and I were done with football. Since the next tournament was post summer break, we did not spare thoughts on starting with the training. I told my Manager that I had achieved what I wanted; now I shall resume to just teaching  – writing and reading comprehension. She (Sahana) asked me to reflect on the team, on what we learnt and what we could do better. Sahana pushed me to think about how a sports achievement could trigger the kid to exhibit leadership not only in a game but also while solving a problem. I offered my challenge, my brain-block to the team and asked them to come up with an elaborate plan. After a weeks discussion amongst the players, brainstorming efforts of our college going volunteers Reema and Urvi, this came out of an 8 year old Nilesh’s book.

The idea of a nutrition survey and expected results in the form of a story.

Let me tell you that this was their collective rough draft. They had actually made groups for the survey and classified questions.

Survey Sample



Here, the top notch concept being, we can improve skills of kids just through their small everyday activities. The only difference being, ‘Does your child understand what he could do ahead with it?’ All they need is someone to push them in the right direction and learning unfolds by itself. Then you will be surprised to see them thrust their fists into the air.

The magician volunteers were there to help kids understand that what they had proposed was called a survey and showed them few examples. It was crazy as they themselves were given survey assignments from college as a part of their degree.

I shall keep writing and I hope these stories inspire you to come help teach these kids with anything that you are passionate about. They will make your passion their dare.

PS: They are waiting for you.


5 thoughts on “Nutrition Survey by 3rd graders

  1. Great work Sreshti.
    That exercise was great and the passage that a kid wrote was awesome. What you are doing meant a lot to their lives and it’s good to know people like you still exist. 😃😃

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