Climbing the old rusty stairs, I was approached by Haseeb, tiny cute and charming boy. in his school uniform, he just made me nostalgic and then I said I will teach y’all for LOL. Responsibility and position both inculcated in me at once. Then I met my super cool and knowledgeable mentor Ms. Sreshti Nair. She is such a great teacher, she knows how to connect with the students. Her teaching skills and love for children just awestruck me.
I used to teach class 3 students English and Math. My main task was to train them for the competitive exams. It gave me inner joy and happiness when I could bring out their hidden qualities. I made their course fun through quizzes, games and tests. We need many volunteers working for the same. Many students aren’t getting equal opportunities, privileges and platform for showcasing their talents. I felt so good when many of my kids cleared the first round of LOL (League of Learners competition). That feeling was altogether a different one. I just cannot forget some of my students, their mischief, their shouting and howling and also learning. And off course SVN English School.

-Manan and Shalin, IT engineering students at VJTI


“It gave me inner joy…bringing out their hidden qualities” – our VJTI volunteers

My experience was just so amazing especially the time that I spent with kids was just priceless . The teachers were so helpful with all the academic things and we got to learn so much, which I could have never learnt from anywhere else. It was a whole new and wonderful experience for me and the best part was to teach spellings to those hundred little ones!


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It’s been two months that I have joined this school and its been an amazing experience to work with these kids. To teach them was a challenge and a lot of fun. The are very smart and their cognitive skills surprised me at all times. It felt genuinely good to be with them.
I got to learn many things from them and this kept me not missing school. They are so innocent and it gave me a lot happiness to bring smiles on those cute faces!❤



Our volunteers who prepared kids for Spell Bee competition.

I had a great experience working with Teach for India as a volunteer. When I went to SVN school for the first time it was not that gloomy day for me as it was my first experience but later on I had great bonding with the children there. From correcting books, helping in projects to teach them personally for their competition was a great experience. We also made football students to conduct a survey regarding what diet should be followed by them to be healthy and for competing with other teams. They firstly shared their experience of their first match with older students and later on we asked regarding what they need to do for competing with others. Then we had a survey. 3 groups of 4 children each were made and they had to make question air themselves of Three question asking it to their parents, teachers, and friends. Lastly they had to summarize it all in a form of paragraph. I remember Nilesh had written a great essay on it. Now I would also add on Few things can be deemed as priceless moments by gaining love and respect from the cute little Children ❤

– Reema Mehta, BBI student at Kes Shroff College



Reema, who identified Nilesh’s spark at writing.

At the quarter finals

When I heard of the opportunity to train this group of kids and with only 3 weeks in hand for the kids to learn the game that is Football, I had my doubts for any kind of progress. But as I got to know these kids I realized what their strengths were and tried to show it to them, once they understood that even though realistically they were years behind the competition in understanding the rules and game play. They still could do justice to the limited role given to them in the concept of a 11 member team. Rest was just fun and play and the results speak for themselves. Truly shows their spirit.

On the personal front, I had my own motivation behind volunteering for such a task. I knew there would be a whole lot more that I would learn while I teach this group of kids. I’ve always worked with a team of adults in my career with multiple layers of intellect between them. With kids it’s really simple, whatever the task at hand their only focus is to have more fun while doing what they have to do. So for me to try and make football as much as fun and competitive in a friendly way, along with teaching them the concept of team play to get the ball from one end to another. It has widened my horizons and has helped me learn team bonding and building at the same time. And that’s the best I could have hoped for.
-Kunal Jhamb
Founder @ & Bikeradda Vlogs


“On the personal front, I had my own motivation…” – Kunal @